Several Misunderstandings Of Car Maintenance, Car Owners Need To Know

- Sep 18, 2018-

Car wash like a bath - damage air conditioner

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  In summer, the temperature rises, the dust increases, the body is easy to be dirty, and the frequency of car washing is also beginning to rise. Many car owners also want to wash their cars cleanly and thoroughly as if they were taking a bath. There is more and more cleaning from the inside out. Car air conditioning can't be avoided naturally.

The correct way: be sure to keep the appearance of the car air conditioner dry, if the car air conditioner is accidentally wet, it will affect the life of the car air conditioner.

  Car wash under the scorching sun - injury paint

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Many private car owners like to wash their cars under the scorching sun. They think that the water on the body can be dried quickly after washing. In fact, it is wrong to wash the car under the scorching sun. The convex lens effect formed by the water droplets will cause local high temperature phenomenon in the uppermost layer of the paint. After a long time, the paint will lose its luster. If waxing at this time, it is easy to cause uneven color of the body.

The correct way: car wash and wax is best carried out under cover conditions. If it is not guaranteed, it is best to choose it on a cloudy or sunny morning or in the evening.

Circle waxing - poor effect

Many people habitually use a circle when waxing the body. In fact, this effect will be very poor and will not achieve the desired results.

The correct way: alternately in a straight line, horizontal and vertical lines, and then in the direction of the flow of rain, the effect of reducing the concentric circular aura on the painted surface.

The more oil, the better - failure

We all know that when the oil in the engine oil sump is insufficient, the friction between the bearing and the journal will be poorly lubricated due to the small amount of oil, which will aggravate the degree of wear and even cause the burning shaft accident. However, if there is too much oil and the engine is working, the crankshaft and the big end of the connecting rod will produce strong agitation, which will not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also increase the oil splashed on the cylinder wall, causing the oil failure of the burning machine.

   The correct approach: the oil in the engine oil sump should be controlled between the upper and lower scribe lines of the oil dipstick.

 Only look for imported tires - not in line with design matching

care your car.jpgSome owners buy tires and only look for "imports." In fact, the newest tires pushed abroad have one of the most fatal flaws for domestic users. European road conditions are very different from domestic road conditions. Tires suitable for European road conditions are difficult to perform in China. In particular, the impact resistance of the sidewalls is obviously “unacceptable”, and the sidewalls are inevitable. After the domestic joint venture production of some foreign brand tires, according to the domestic road conditions, a layer of cord fabric is added on the side of the tire, which greatly enhances the impact resistance of the sidewall. The joint venture tires can completely replace the imported tires in terms of performance. goods.

The correct way: suitable for.

New battery is not charging - shorten life

  The first charge of the battery is called the first charge and has a great impact on the battery life. If it is not charged, it will be directly used by adding "water". The capacity of the battery will not be high and the life will be shortened. If it is directly charged, it will shorten the life.

  The correct way: usually the initial charge of the battery is after the filling of the electrolyte, charging with a small current for about 1 hour to install and use.

Bolt too tight - permanent deformation

  There are many fasteners connected to bolts and nuts in the car. It should be ensured that it has sufficient pre-tightening force, but it cannot be tightened too tightly. If it is tightened too much, on the one hand, the connecting piece will be permanently deformed under the action of external force; on the other hand, the bolt will be stretched and permanently deformed, and the pre-tightening force will be decreased, and even the buckle or the broken phenomenon will be caused.

  The correct way: just tighten it.

The fan belt is too tight - the bearing load is large

  In summer, the temperature is too high, and some drivers think that increasing the tightness of the fan belt can improve the engine cooling effect, so the tension of the fan belt is increased. It is not known that this will make the bearing load too large, the wear will be intensified, the power consumption will increase, and the pump shaft will be bent, the belt will be elongated and the life will be shortened.


The correct approach: the fan belt should be kept appropriate Elasticity .

In-vehicle equipment can be modified or installed at will - affecting driving safety

  Some car owners do their own to install various equipment in the car. If this is not properly handled, it will have adverse effects on the convenience and feasibility of the car's performance and handling, and even leave behind the sequelae or affect the safety of driving.

  The correct way: simple is true

Cooling water temperature is too low - wear engine

In summer, the weather is hot. Some drivers want to prevent the temperature of the engine from being too high. The temperature of the cooling water is required to be as low as possible. Some drivers simply remove the thermostat for the purpose of cooling. These are not correct.

  Automobile engines are both hot and cold. If the temperature of the cooling water is too low, the fuel combustion will deteriorate, the fuel consumption will increase, the wear will be aggravated, the viscosity of the oil will increase, and the engine power will decrease. Tests show that when the temperature of the cooling water is 40~50 degrees Celsius, the engine wear increases by 60%~80%, the power decreases by 25%, and the fuel consumption increases by 8%~10%.

   The correct approach: the temperature of the engine cooling water is not as low as possible, generally should be controlled between 80 ~ 90 degrees Celsius.

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